Stay (at home) Spa!

Stay (at home) Spa!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mizani True Textures Part I

Ahhhhhh my natural sisters the summer is almost over! Just when I was used to getting my "wash and go on", soon it will be time to hit the double strand twists again (to prevent from going outside with my hair wet everyday and increasing the chances of catching Pneumonia).

Anywho, before the summer fades away, I wanted to try Mizani's new product TRUE TEXTURES for natural hair. When I got my hair cut, colored and highlighted back in April my stylist used this product on my hair and I wasn't crazy about it in the beginning. This is because I had already been used to Kinky Curly custard and Knot Today conditioner so I was a bit biased. My stylist put it in my hair once and it didn't achieve the same results as the Kinky Curly so I didn't like it.

What I have learned over the summer my natural sisters, is in order to see the full effect of a product you may have to use it on your hair for at least two days. This is because our natural hair has to get used to the product. I find that natural hair is like a piece of clay- you can mold that clay anyway you want to, but you just have to work with it in order to achieve the piece of art you want: the same thing applies to natural hair. I have to work with it, but I don't give up on a product after one day- unless it makes my hair dry, brittle and unruly.

So this past week I went and purchased the True Textures Curl Balance Shampoo & the Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel. I used it in conjunction with my Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner. I give the Mizani product 2 thumbs up. My hair was soft, and like the Kinky Curly custard, the way my hair looked when it was wet, is the same way it looked when it dried, which is key. Have you ever used a product and you had these beautiful spiral ringlets while your hair was wet, but once it dried you looked like Buckwheat?? Of course you have- everyone who has gone natural has had the misfortune of having one of those "hair days".

The Mizani is the shampoo is not as thick as us natural sisters prefer our shampoos to be, but it does it's job. The shampoo left my hair soft, moisturized and easy to manage. Also, the defining cream gel is more of a cream than a gel, and it is very light- but also, gets the job done. My hair was not sticky from the product and when it dried it left my hair SUPER soft. Of course the product smells good and as I said, my curls stayed in tact as my hair dried. Now Mizani has two extra products that goes along with the True Textures line- Curl Replenish which is an intense moisturizing conditioning mask, and Moisture Stretch which is a cream for coiled and tight curls that is treated the same way as the Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel. My client used the shampoo, the conditioning mask and the moisture stretch on her hair and as I was doing her double strand twist/updo her hair was incredibly soft- so I plan to go and pick up those two products and use them in conjunction with the moisture balance shampoo- to see how the entire line performs on my hair. My next blog will be on the entire True Textures line so look out for it!